Reflection of AUWC IPF 2nd World Cup Experience

The AUWC girls could not have made it to the 2nd International Powerlifting World University Cup in South Africa without the donations and kind support of our sponsors and donators, including Kuerkievari.

Squat, bench and deadlift

Powerlifting is an individual sport where you battle in squat, bench and deadlift against other lifters in your weight class. Even if you compete alone, you have the backing and support of everyone and it easily becomes a team sport especially at university. Friends and family watching, teammates, handlers, spotters, referees! No one wants to see anyone fail including your rivals. Everyone knows the dedication and discipline it takes to build strength. As lifters we all share the same end goal to simply get stronger and be the very best we can.

Powerlifting and studying

Joining AUWC and starting powerlifting has been one of the best decisions we’ve all made at Uni. Over the past years we’ve spent countless of hours of our free time in the ‘Sweat Hut’, our club gym. Powerlifting has forced us to learn how to manage our time and we’ve all experienced how it can be difficult to balance working, studying, partying, sleeping and training. However one thing that definitely helps is that the people we train with are our friends. They can fully relate to the commitment and dedication which lifting requires.

Competing in South Africa

Participating in competitions at an international level is very different to any comps in the UK. The atmosphere is on an entirely different level and everything is much more intense! In South Africa each of us finished lifting within a couple of hours. In comparison to others competition there is often more than one flight of lifters, this allows for substantial breaks between squat/bench and bench/deadlifts. In South Africa many of us achieved individual goals, set new PB’s and even picked up a medal or two. Our team performed exceptionally finishing 4th in the world and 2nd in Europe! Next year we are striving to make the top 3.

What an experience!

The trip was an unbelievable experience and we learnt a lot. Not only did we learn a lot about our own lifting and grew as lifters and competitors, we made a lots of friends from countries around the world and we found out a lot about ourselves.

Competing allows us to meet and lift with others who share a passion for our sport. It enables us to exceed our own expectations and motivates us to become stronger for the next time we step onto the platform.

We have big aspirations for next year and look forward to representing the club internationally again, making every supporter, friend, family member and ourselves proud.

We congratulate you for your success! Keep up the great spirit!
Marikki and the Kuerkievari Staff